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About Us

Mission Statement

Serving those who serve through hospitality by providing missionaries a trusted space to decompress, seek spiritual renewal, or simply rest.

About Us: About Us

Vision Statement

Just as the Lord took time away from ministry, Cleft of the Rock Ranch provides a place of solitude for missionaries experiencing the day-to-day pressures of ministry. Ministry fatalities often occur as missionaries face crisis, burnout, transition, conflict, disillusionment, and loss of vision; often because their needs are overlooked and neglected by themselves and others. Cleft of the Rock Ranch exists to facilitate rest and healing so they can return to or continue in effective ministry.

About Us: About Us

Who We Are

Tony and Mindy Heykoop

We met in the Air Force in December 1989 and married March 30, 1990. We have three sons (Anthony, Jordan, and Cole). Mindy and I are long-standing members of First Baptist Church in Vilonia, Arkansas where I serve as a deacon and we both serve as youth leaders teaching Sunday School and small groups on Wednesday nights.

About Us: Who We Are

The call to ministry began in April 2017 when the Lord burdened our hearts to provide a refuge for missionaries. When we first saw this property (57 acres) where Cleft of the Rock Ranch is now located  we knew immediately it was the spot the Lord led us. 

Our road to ministry took a minor detour as life often does when in August 2017 Mindy was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This period became a time of closeness to God and each other that we’ve never experienced before. Once cancer free we sold our house and on December 1, 2018 we moved into a camper on the property while we waited to build our house, aka The Lodge. After almost 20 months construction was complete and we moved in. Our home is large enough to house missionaries and serve as a gathering place for meals and fellowship.  In the future, cabins will be built to provide even more privacy for missionaries.

In addition to providing a place of rest, we are developing a network to provide Christian counseling for family, marriage, trauma, pastoral care, or transition to secular employment for those leaving the ministry.  All of this will be offered free of charge to the missionaries, paid for by Cleft of the Rock Ranch through donations.

In His Service,

Tony and Mindy

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