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Scott Hudgins
Mana Worldwide

Director - Cross Cultural Training & Mobilization

“When Tony and Mindy shared their vision with us, we immediately said, “We’ll be your first guests!”  After nineteen years as missionaries and plenty of transitions coming back to the States for furlough, we would jump at the opportunity to get away to a place where we could rest and regroup as a family, recharge spiritual batteries, and prepare for the road. Specifically, after year six, God was completely transforming our ministry. We were dealing with questions and doubts while at the same time having to answer the questions of supporting churches and pastors. We needed a place where we could have dedicated the time necessary for reflection
and planning, but if such a ministry existed back then, we were unaware of it. What Tony and Mindy are offering to missionaries is essential for their families and ministries.”

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Brian Garrison
Baptist Bible Fellowship International

“While we were missionaries in Peru we sure could have used something like Cleft of the Rock Ranch.  An out of the way refuge nestled in God’s wonderful creation…the perfect combination
for missionaries who need to rest and recharge.  I’m so excited about the many doors of ministry opportunities this will open for the staff of CORR to pour into the lives of missionaries. Tony and Mindy are dear friends who ministered to my family in our times of great need.  I know they will do the same for all who pass through CORR.  May God bless this ministry!”

Missionary Testimonials: Quote
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